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“A New Beginning”

Sunday @ 11 AM

There’s something about the New Year. It’s a chance to reset. It’s an opportunity to rethink how the year before went and make changes. That’s what this series is all about. It’s about A NEW BEGINNING.

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– Kurt Steinbrueck, Pastor

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This Sunday @ 11AM

Worship Songs List

I Just Wanna Be A Sheep

Jesus Loves


Take My Life And Let It Be

I Will

Time to Service!


Catch Up On Previous Weeks

Week 1: A New Heart

Week 2: A New Mind

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Week 4: New Friends


  • You are not alone
  • You can find hope
  • You have a purpose

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Paster Kurt and family

Hi, my name is Kurt.

I believe that you are uniquely wired by God for a specific purpose and that unless you figure out what that purpose is, you’ll never be truly fulfilled.

No one else on earth can fulfill the unique calling that God has for you.

No one else can fulfill your assignment.

Maybe you know exactly what your purpose is, maybe you’ve been running from it for a while, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to even start looking for it…

But I want to help you find it.

Because I believe that the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually do…


God's Good Creation

God had a plan from the beginning and it always led to Jesus. This plan was for your salvation. It started before creation. God created all things just by speaking and it was all good. It also all led to rest. But what does rest mean and do we really want it? (Hint: Yes!)

The Power of the Easter Promise

Promises are great, but the promise is only as good as the one who makes the promise. Jesus promised to rise on the 3rd day. He kept His promise. Jesus makes promises for us as well. Easter shows us He is good to keep those promises as well!!

Breaking Down the Barriers to a Deeper Faith-Life

The Bible describes a faith-life that affects every part of our lives. What would happen if you broke down the barriers and let Your faith lead you in your relationships? How would that affect what relationships you have? How would you treat others or expect to be treated?

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