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Daily Devotions Announcement

For nearly two years, I have been writing a series of daily devotions called, “The Other Six.” It’s been something I enjoyed greatly.

Right now, however, it has become difficult because my computer won’t log into our website (don’t know why) and I’m trying to play catch-up with church work and finishing up a summer seminary class. 

So, for now, I need to stop writing the daily devotions. I hope to restart in a couple of weeks.

Stay In The Word!
In the mean time, don’t fall out of the habit of having a daily devotion. There are lots of good devotions out there, but one I’d like to recommend which I like a lot are the daily devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

You can find the Lutheran Hour Ministries daily devotions by clicking the link below:


FYI – Lutheran Hour Ministries also has an app for the devotions you can get for you phone. They also have podcasts, sermons, Bible studies, and a lot more.

Thank you for your understanding and I pray you are blessed by Lutheran Hour’s wonderful devotions.

God bless!!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Kurt

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