How Can I Believe You?

How Can I Believe You?

“You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” – Exodus 20:16

We’ve all lied. I watched a TED Talk video by Kang Lee the other day about some research that was done on children and lying. They brought each child into a room and put two playing cards in front of them. They then told them that if they can guess the numbers on the cards correctly, they would win a big prize. Then, right before the adult had them guess, they gave an excuse and left the room for a few minutes. They left the cards lying on the table but told the kids not to look at the cards.
Would the child look?
Hidden cameras showed most did. However, that wasn’t the purpose of the research. They were researching lying. So, when the adult came back in the room, they asked the child if they peaked and waited to see if they confessed or if they lied.
What they found is that age played a big role, but sufficed to say, for children at least 4 years old, almost all lied.
People lie for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes they know they are doing something wrong and sometimes they think they are doing something good. (Have you lost weight?)
Lying can cause several problems. Some can be fixed rather easily by confessing the truth. One thing that is very difficult to fix is the loss of trust.
Have you ever known someone who lies regularly? You don’t know when to believe them. You come to a point where you doubt anything they say. It can be a very difficult and long process to recover from that.
God doesn’t lie.
The reason we can trust God and trust His Word is because He never lies. He never bends the truth. He never tells little white lies. He never lies. He always speaks the truth.
What an amazing gift that is! You can trust whatever Jesus says because He always speaks the truth. You can have faith in His promises because you know He will fulfill them. When He says you are forgiven, you know you are . When He says you are His child, you know you are. When He says He loves you, you know He does.

Dear Jesus,

You always speak the truth. Thank you. Help me to trust what You say. Help me to trust Your promises.


In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Kurt

If you’d like to check out the Ted Talk, click here. It’s really interesting.
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