How to Get Rich, Quick

How To Get Rich, Quick

I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches.” – Psalm 119:14

Have you ever seen a “How to Get Rich” book? Have you ever read one?

It’s one of the most popular topics for books and websites. Why? Because people want to get rich?

Dorothy picked out the book at the bookstore, “How to Flip Houses.” As she started reading she grew more and more excited with every page. She could see it in her mind…the purchase…the renovation…the sale…the profit.

Don also picked out a book at the bookstore, “How to Retire Wealthy.” It was filled with practical tips for saving money and investing. He could almost feel his toes in the sand of the beach house he would retire in.

Even though they had only purchased books and didn’t have the riches, yet, Dorothy and Don were excited. They were excited to get started. They were excited at the prospect of becoming wealthy.

What if we got excited over God’s Word the way we get excited over things that could make us financially wealthy?

God’s Word is true riches. God’s ways are truly good and wonderful. Financial wealth can be exciting and beneficial, but it isn’t permanent and it has its limits. You can’t buy true peace. You can’t buy eternal life. Yet, God gives these in His Word.

So, we can rejoice, along with the Psalmist, in God’s Word even more than a “How to Get Rich” book. We can celebrate His promises and His ways knowing that in them we find life and life abundant.

Heavenly Father,

You are better than gold, stocks, or cash. Your ways are better than the fleeting happiness of wealth. Help me to love Your ways and get excited about Your Word more than wealth.


In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Kurt

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