Safe In His Arms

Safe in His Arms

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” – Romans 8:15

Have you ever been really afraid, but then calmed by the presence of another?

I’ve experienced this with my kids. There have been a few times when a storm came through at night and Melissa and I got a little visitor in our bed. They just needed to be around us and have a hug. In fact, my dog is the same way. When the thunder starts, He gets as close to one of us as possible.

Fear Is a Liar
Fear tells you the situation is out of control. It tells you there’s no hope. This can happen in storms, but also in sickness, crisis, financial struggles, relationships, etc. 

Fear Not
There are a bunch of Internet memes going around saying that the Bible says “Fear not” 365 times (the number of days in the year). That’s not actually true (surprise the Internet had something untrue), but the Bible does say it a lot and the sentiment is true. Every day, God’s message to you is, fear not.

What I love about the story of a child coming from their room to their parents to ease their fear is that the actual situation really hasn’t changed. The storm is still raging on and we were present with them the whole time. What has changed is their perspective.

We Know We Are Safe
The same is true with God. When we are afraid, we can go to Him and feel safe. The situation hasn’t changed and God was always present, but our perspective has changed. We remember that God has us safely in His arms and we have nothing to fear.

This Romans passage addresses another kind of fear as well, the fear of not having lived up to God’s standards. That’s why it refers to the “spirit of slavery”. When we feel under the Law and afraid that we haven’t satisfied the Law, God reminds us that He has adopted us as sons and daughters and we have nothing to fear. We are already His and greatly loved.

So, fear not. God has you safely in His arms.

Abba Father,

Calm my fears. Remind me of Your presence.


PS – If you’d like listen to the song, Fear is a Liar, click below.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Kurt

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