Surely, You Can Find Someone Better

In this blog, I thought I would talk about one of my favorite bible characters.


Now in the grand scheme of things, he is kinda overlooked.  He doesn’t have a long story, rather kind of small, in the Bible. God saved Israel through Gideon, but Gideon was not sure of himself to lead Gods people. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It is a huge job!!

So Gideon asked for signs from God and God delivered the signs to Gideon to lead his people.

My Take
What I take away from the story is that Gideon is just like us.  Sometimes we feel that God has a made a mistake in choosing us to serve people, do some ministry, or speak to people about His Word.

I know in my life, I have questioned God over and over and asked Him to send a sign to let me know I am doing the right thing. While God, Himself, does not come down and tell me, He leaves His Word and other Christians to help me on my spiritual journey.

That is also what He does for all of us. 

When you think you cannot do something, look to Judges 6 and read the story of Gideon.  It may inspire you to not be nervous to talk about God because He is always with us and God will lead us on the correct path.

‘Till next time,